My name is Andi, and I write about delicious healthy recipes, self-care in motherhood, and family wellness. I believe that if we simplify our lives, we have the ability to achieve any goals we desire.

Transforming yourself into a healthy, glowing, vivacious mom doesn’t have to mean giving up on all things delicious things you enjoy. In fact, I started That Mama Glow as a resource for women to see how easy it is to add wholesome foods to their families diet. 

Welcome to That Mama Glow.

That Mama Glow is about finding health and wellness and incorporating it into your families unique lifestyle. 

As a certified health coach, mama, online blogger and long-time entrepreneur, this entire website is dedicated to giving you simple tips and tricks that will help you go from tired mama to inspired, glowing, happy and healthy. The best part is that these don’t have to be drastic lifestyle changes. In fact, the smallest tweaks can make an incredible difference.

Here you’ll find my seasonal Meal Guides that will take the guesswork out of what to eat for dinner. I also teach an online program called Nourished & Glowing, that helps you clean up your families diet and declutter your life through minimalism. These two things have completely changed my life and I know that they can do the same for you.

So mama, if you’re reading this feeling burnt out, depressed, or just counting down the seconds until it’s bedtime, it doesn’t have to be this way. Let me help you to create a life that supports YOU and the beautiful motherhood you ache for and have always envisioned.

My Story

My first year of motherhood was hard. Like, really hard. 

I was struggling. I had a hard time keeping it together. I didn’t know how to manage this new role of being a mother. 

I had a traumatic birth. My daughter was a colicky newborn. My husband and I were constantly fighting. We had no family near us to help out. And quite frankly I was barely holding my sh*t together. 

I looked at my friends on instagram that seemed to have it all together. Their babies were sleeping. They looked so well rested.  I felt so different than them. I was exhausted, and I wasn’t enjoying motherhood the way I thought I would be. 

I felt numb, anxious, sad and guilty all at once. Wasn't I supposed to feel joy and warm fuzzies? I was afraid to talk to anyone about it, so I searched and searched online for something, anything that I could relate to. I found nothing. Just more stories glorifying this new role of motherhood. It made me feel even more alone and isolated than I already did.

Over the next few months, things got a little easier, but not a lot. I was still drowning in the day to day stuff. I would count down the hours until it was my daughters bedtime so that I could have a break. To be honest, the first year and a half are a complete blur to me now.

During this time I ended up enrolling in a health coaching program at The Institute For Integrative Nutrition. What I learned there completely changed everything. 

I learned about healthy eating and nourishing our bodies with real food. As a result, I purged our kitchen of the junk and brought in whole grains, more vegetables, flavorful spices and organic meats. I learned how to cook simple, wholesome meals that didn’t take up too much time.  I started feeling better, I had more energy, and I began to feel more clarity. 

I loved the outcome of our new the eating plan so much that I began to work on other areas of my life.  Next, I started purging our house of all the stuff we don’t need. The first room that I took on was my daughters. The next room was ours. And slowly I worked my way around our house. Things were sold on kijiji. Boxes and boxes were donated to the thrift store. It was freeing to me.

After that, I started to notice that the days got easier. There was less to be overwhelmed by, and I had way more energy because I was eating healthier food.

When we had less and we simplified, we gained so much more.

I had more time to go and play with my daughter and not worry about the monster list of to-do’s I used to have waiting for me at home. 

I felt lighter, I was glowing, and I was happy. 

Looking back, I spent the first two years completely miserable in motherhood. And I was so afraid to tell anyone about it. I’ve learned so much from those years. And I know that I can live a much more fulfilled life and the key to that success is through eating wholesome food, practicing self care, knowing when to ask for help, and mindful living. 

I believe that mothers need simplicity more than anyone out there. It means less cleaning, less cooking, and less stuff. It means more time to do the meaningful things in life and to make memories with your family.

I hope that this space will help inspire you on your own journey of motherhood by providing healthy recipes, easy tips to simplify, and a reminder that taking time to nourish yourself is one of the best things you can do for your whole family.


Eat REAL Food Not Processed - If it grew from the earth, then eat as much as you want. If it was made in a factory or bought in a package, eat in limited amounts.

It's About Quality Not Quantity - There is no need to count calories when you're eating nourishing foods! Instead, focus on the quality of ingredients you're eating. 

Nothing Beats a Home Cooked Meal - The more you learn about food as nourishment, the more you'll want to cook from scratch. Making healthy recipes is so creative and inspiring and NOTHING beats a home cooked meal.

Healthy Should Be Fun - Health and wellness has gotten so serious these days. Let's take the stress out of what it means to be "healthy" and just enjoy ourselves. That means no guilt when you decide to eat a piece of chocolate cake. Just focus on nourishing yourself with REAL food on a daily basis, enjoying your life, and loving your body for the amazing gift it truly is.

What You're Truly Hungry For - Ever had a bad day and went straight to a binge eating session with your favourite junk food? Yah, me too. Sometimes this can be a signal that we are craving something more than just the junk food. Our emotional experiences, and areas in our lives that need more attention can creep up in to our food habits. I'll be talking about this a lot here.

REAL Food In The Real World - Real nutrition is about balance. It’s about the 80 / 20 rule. You don’t need to feel better and live better by giving up things you enjoy. We’ve been told by the media that if you want to be healthy, you have to go to the extremes to do so. I don’t believe this is true. You can take what works for you, and leave out the rest. 





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About Andrea

Andrea Strand is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who inspires women to simplify their lives so they can enjoy it. After giving birth to her daughter, she switched careers to create a life full of health, passion and purpose. She now blogs her experiences at, teaches online workshops and mentors mothers all around the world to purge the clutter and simplify their health.

She is the creator of Nourished and Glowing, an online workshop designed to help you clean up your diet, get healthier, change your relationship with food and live a more joyful, vibrant life.




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