Not sure what to make for dinner this week? Stop scrambling and do this instead...

The Fall/Winter Meal Plan is a set of weekly printable meal plans designed specifically with seasonal ingredients. It includes super easy healthy recipes and once a week printable shopping lists, organized perfectly to give you healthy meals  all while cooking less than 3 hours per week.

This guide will help you simplify and upgrade your weekday dinners, so you can:

Stop wasting time searching for healthy recipes, cooking long hours at night, or having marathon meal prep sessions on Sunday

Stop wasting money eating out or buying expensive pre-packaged foods that easily inflate your grocery bill

Feel better and have more energy to handle anything that life throws at you.

Shorten your trips to the grocery store and time prepping food to approximately 3 hours per week

Enjoy beautiful meals that taste delicious, but are also are kid-friendly.  

- Shannon L.

"I struggle every week with meal prep. I find it such a chore trying to come up with recipes (I really over think what I need to make), then making a list, buying the groceries and then making the food. After a busy week, all that just seems like so much work. This book helps so much!!! It's broken out into 3 weeks and the author breaks it down so simply that I now look forward to meal prepping. Thank you for showing me how easy meal prep can be!!!! The recipes are also SO tasty!"

Making meal prep a breeze!


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Have your recipes and guide delivered to your inbox weekly, once a week for 4 weeks

You have the whole weekend to shop for ingredients, prep foods and plan for the following week so that come Monday, you're ready to go. This plan is flexible, so you can easily accommodate it to your own schedule.

Repeat this for four weeks and many more. You'll have a library of new recipes you can cook over and over again for your family. 





This meal guide is broken down into a three week schedule. It includes grocery lists and recipe guide for each week. For the next 21 days you’re going to see how easy it is to add a little meal prep and simple healthy recipes to your normal busy routine. 

every recipe in this meal guide is:

  Made with simple food
  Low in sugar
  Designed to give you energy
  Easy to make 
  Free of preservatives










PLUS 25 More Healthy Recipes!

All seasonal, fresh and delicious!

- Whitney B.

"I love these meal plans and recipes. The photos are beautiful and I can't wait to try these meals. My favorite part was the grocery list. Having everything laid out takes away so much stress and saves so much time. The list of healthy snacks was brilliant. Now I know what to reach for instead of a bag of chips!"

Exactly what I need in my life.


A beautifully designed 60 page PDF ebook that includes the full step-by-step meal guide, three meal plan templates, grocery shopping lists for each week, and 33 Autumn inspired recipes with photography.

1. Weekly printable shopping lists

2. Weekly recipes and directions

3. Over 33 amazingly simple, naturally gluten-free recipes including green smoothies, healthy breakfasts, make-ahead lunches, delicious salads, cozy soups, one-pan dinners, and healthy treats!

BONUS: Healthy Lunch Prep Guide and recipes 
BONUS: Healthy Snack recipes & Guide
BONUS: How to Stock Your Pantry Guide
BONUS: Kitchen Tools Guide 
BONUS: 8 Healthy Homemade Salad Dressings Guide
BONUS: Blank Template worksheets to design your own meal plans


I plan on adding more to the program and as a result, the price will go up soon. Anyone who purchases now will receive all future updates to the program as well.

Here's what people are saying after they tried the Autumn Reset Meal Guide...


"This meal guide is thoughtful, efficient, informative, and inspiring to use! I appreciate good design and photography, so I was really pleased by how truly beautiful this meal guide was. The recipes are so incredibly creative and much to my surprise, very easy to make! Finding good, creative, gluten-free recipes can be really tough, but this guide has an extremely thorough library of delicious recipes to pull from and be inspired by. It also includes simple and convenient templates for meal planning and grocery shopping. So happy with my experience using the Autumn Reset Meal Guide!"

- Bree P.

Making Meal Prep A Breeze

- Sandy S.

Easy and healthy

"I thought the recipes looked very healthy and something I've been looking for. Trying to eat healthy sometimes feels hard, and having the time to do it, but these recipes look easy to make. The pictures are eye catching and I believe my family will enjoy them."

Easy and Yummy

"I found the book nicely structured and the page numbers under recipe names made it easy for me to know which page to turn to without having to search page by page. Quite clever! The recipes are easy to make and advice on the groceries needed is great to help reduce overspend. The recipes are yumm too. It’s a holistic take on things in the kitchen. Super like!"

- Pallavi S.

"The Autumn Reset is my new go-to for meal planning. The tools are so easy to use and the combination of recipe styles from simple to more complex give you lots of options to combine into your weekly plan. My favorite tip is how Andrea has broken down the popular "bowls". Once a bit daunting, I know feel like I have a system to create countless, delicious meals."

- Lisa B.

Healthy Eating for Real Life. 

"I just received a copy of the Autumn Reset this week. We haven't tried any of the recipes yet, but are excited to dive into it over the weekend and do some meal planning for next week. We try to eat as healthy as possible but sometimes it's so busy and hard to stay inspired. This book is just what we needed to kickstart the systems for a new season! And I love the layout and the simplicity of the design."

So helpful!

- Kari W.

"This book will make my life so much easier. The meal plan templates, recipes and even shopping lists are such a time saver. The recipes are made with REAL, healthy food and are delish. A few days into using this cookbook we already have our favourite recipes! Plus, it’s so pretty to look at!!"

- Britt H.

Just what i needed!

"I'm super excited to try some of these recipes! I like that many of the ingredients I have on hand and I won't have to search them out in specialty stores. The meals look inviting and delicious. The recipes look easy and I really like the idea of prepping on Sunday for the week's menu. As my husband and I are beginning our senior years we are wanting to change some bad eating habits and eat healthier. Thank you for bringing an excitement back to our meal planning and the bonus is we'll be eating healthy!!!"

- Laurette S.


"I love these meal plans and recipes. The photos are beautiful and I can't wait to try these meals. My favorite part was the grocery list. Having everything laid out takes away so much stress and saves so much time. The list of healthy snacks was brilliant. Now I know what to reach for instead of a bag of chips!"

- Whitney B.

Exactly what I need in my life!

"This meal plan and recipe book is beyond awesome. It is very thorough and well thought out. The pictures are amazing and look absolutely delicious! I can hardly wait to dive in and make a plan!"

BEyond awesome

- Crystal W.

What if someone in my family has food sensitivities/allergies?
All of the recipes include ingredients that are easy to swap out if you need to. The entire guide is gluten-free, nut-free and dairy optional)

Do you include calories in your recipes?
No. I don't believe in counting calories. I believe in eating quality, nourishing ingredients.

Is there anything off limits? Coffee, wine, desserts etc?
Nope! Nothing is off limits at all. This is not a diet plan, it is a way to add more wholesome foods to your families diet.

What if I'm really busy? Will I still have time to do this?
This guide has been designed to save you time so you can focus on other important things in your life, all while still eating nourishing foods.

What's the refund policy?
This is a digital guide and because nothing can physically be returned, it is a final sale. I've tried to share as much about the meal plan as I can here on this page so you know exactly what you're getting. But if you have any questions at all about it, email me and I'd be happy to answer!

How do I access the materials?
As soon as you register, all of the materials will be available for you to download right away so that you can get started.

What kind of results will I get?
The guide will shorten your time in the kitchen, provide you with healthy meals to nourish your family with healthy food, give you more energy and save you money at the grocery store.



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